Recommended Delivery Specifications:

  • WAV / AIFF
  • 44,1 kHz sample rate or higher
  • 24 bit rate or higher
  • No plugins on masterbus
  • Labeled channel groups
  • -1dB Peak & no normalization per track group
  • ZIP, RAR or 7Z archive formats
  • Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer link

Recommended Channel Grouping:

  • Drums (Snare, Kick, Toms, Cymbals) - for EDM, separate Kick and Cymbals from the rest of the drums as well
  • Percussion
  • Solo instruments - for EDM, keep Leads, Keys, Stabs, Pads etc, separate and do not group them
  • Basslines
  • Background instruments (ambient & atmospheric sounds/drones)
  • Vocals

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