About Us

What can I do for you?

Plain and simple - I will create the best possible sound for your song. I know what each genre needs, and I have more than 18 years of experience in sound and music to back this up.

My approach:

Honest, fast, and professional! Professionalism is the alpha and omega of everything I do. In all the years in the industry, I have found out that the best way to approach things is to never overthink any subject matter, trust my gut feeling, and understand that sometimes something can sound good on the first try.

Who I am?

An audio professional based in the heart of Europe - Prague, Czech Republic with more than 18 years experience in sound engineering and music production.

How it all started?

The journey began in 2005 with the first installation of Fruity Loops. From there, I secured a job at Czech Radio as a Broadcast Technician, and later at Czech Television, where I currently work as a Studio Engineer. I take care of sound mixing, mix preparation for other engineers, audio restoration, loudness normalization standards, and more. Along my professional path, I pursue two music projects focusing on Trance and Techno music.